About Celtic Law

Green Thinking Plan


It was Gandhi who said ‘In a gentle way, we can shake the world’.

I have this quote displayed in my office and I apply that theory to all aspect of my life, my business and to my professional services.

Little changes; made often; will make a big difference; in a manageable way.

Human beings are resistant to change, and this is why I am starting small to achieve a bigger picture. Making changes to become more sustainable and kinder to our environment is no longer a choice.

When it comes to matters of the Green variety, Celtic Law Ltd recognises its responsibility as a business to manage how its operation impacts on the environment.

Celtic Law Ltd plans do this Celtic Law Ltd by regularly asking itself ‘Is there a Greener way of doing this?’ when it carries out its day to day functions. Some examples are below.

Celtic Law Ltd’s Green Thinking is:

  • Solicitors are the kings of paperwork. How can I reduce how much paperwork I generate?

    • Celtic Law Ltd will use recycled paper where it cannot avoid paper
    • Celtic Law Ltd will continue to use and develop systems which support a paperless approach.
    • Celtic Law invests in a document and case management system and this has been part of the plan from the start. It can easily send documents electronically, and they can even be signed electronically by clients too!
    • Ask, before clicking ‘print’ do I need to print the whole document or can I scan and merge it with some help from the tech I have? Do clients need to print the whole document at their end to sign it?
    • Celtic Law Ltd actively avoids using the post and favours email communication. At the beginning of every engagement with a client or another law firm, Celtic Law invites communication to be via email where possible
    • Use of paper and opening paper files will be discouraged unless absolutely necessary
    • Celtic Law Ltd will shred and recycle the paper it cannot avoid – currently we use a Social Enterprise who shred and use it as animal bedding
    • Celtic Law Ltd will actively source suppliers who share its approach to Green Thinking
  • How can I continue to build upon its commitment to the Mold Plastic Reduction campaign?

    • In 2019 Celtic Law Ltd became one of the first businesses in Mold to be recognised as a Mold Plastic Champion, this was just the first step.
    • Employees will be encouraged to use a reusable water bottle at all times – keep it on your desk, keep it replenished, keep it plastic free
    • Employees will be encouraged not to use single use coffee cups and to make the small switch to reusable coffee flasks and mugs
    • Celtic Law Ltd will avoid plastic milk containers, as an office coffee and tea is in endless supply which means a lot of milk containers. Milk will be delivered by a local supplier in glass reusable bottles
    • Employees will be encouraged to bring in their own lunch and snacks in reusable containers, as much as they can, to avoid the plastic waste associated with lunches on the go
    • Celtic Law Ltd will be mindful of what cleaning products it uses, no cleaning wipes and what products are better generally for the environment
    • Employees will be encouraged to use bags for life rather than use plastic shopping bags
  • Can I be Greener with what is going in my bin?

    • Celtic Law Ltd recycles cardboard, plastic and paper, and I think this is a good start as a business – not all companies recycle!
    • When placing waste in the bin, check if it can be recycled instead – this is the first step
    • When placing waste in the bin, consider whether a different item could be used next time, something greener – this is the second step
  • How can I reduce the impact of all the printing I do?

    • Again, as a solicitor, paperwork is king which means a lot of printing, ink and toners. At Celtic Law Ltd all printer inks and toners are recycled responsible
    • Celtic Law Ltd will ensure that the printer, along with any other electrical equipment, really needs to be switched on
    • Ensuring its systems are paperless as much as possible should reduce the overall need to print things out
  • What energy am I using?

    • In our office, lights and heating will only be switched on if it is being used with end of the day procedures incorporating checks that the heating has been switched to low and all lighting is off
  • Do I need to drive?

    • At Celtic Law Ltd I can work remotely, from anywhere. I will ensure my weeks are planned so that I actively reduce the amount of driving to and from the office.
    • At Celtic Law Ltd, the diary is always full of meetings. This means clients driving to me, or me driving to clients. Going forward I will explore the option of a virtual meeting with my clients and business contacts to reduce the carbon footprint left by our vehicles

Thank you for taking the time to read my Green Thinking Plan. This is just the start, some of the above have already been implemented as part of daily business life but others have been recently added.

As part of my commitment to this Green Thinking Plan, new ideas will be continuously explored and generated.

If you have any ideas for me that would improve my Green Thinking, I would welcome you to get in touch.