Business Services

Starting, owning, or running a business can be one of the most challenging and fulfilling ventures of your life. I support and protect your business by taking care of the formalities.

Owning a business has more than enough challenges without the addition of thinking about the formalities of your involvement in it. Between the day-to-day activities, tasks and rewards of running a business, these things often get overlooked.

Whether you’re just starting up or you’re running an existing business, my specialities in business law are designed to protect you and your investment in your business, allowing you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

Shareholder and Partnership Agreements

Choosing the best structure for your business can be confusing and daunting. However, it’s one of the most vital foundations of your business, governing everything from your decision-making processes to how day-to-day operations are run, and even your exit strategy options.

Choosing between establishing your business as a limited company, sole trader, or partnership – taking into account the benefits and drawbacks of these options – can make all the difference in protecting your investment towards your business’s long-term success. Having an appropriate agreement in place can also prevent disputes arising between you and any co-owners and provide clarity as to your respective expectations and decision-making processes.

I advise both new and existing business owners on the best structure for your business and put together the agreements you need to put your best foot forward running your business.

Business Owners’ Wills and Business Power of Attorney

Unfortunately, balancing your personal circumstances in line with your business ownership – planning for what happens if you become ill or die – is an important and often neglected element of owning a business. Should the worst happen, having appropriate documents and agreements in place will help provide comfort, certainty, and security for both your loved ones and your business.

Partnership and Shareholders’ agreements should play an essential role in thinking about your business’s continuity and personal estate planning, setting out what will happen in the event of the business’s sale, or your incapacity or death (or, indeed, that of your co-owners).

It’s equally important to take into account your business ownership when planning your Will, including utilising Trusts wherever appropriate. I make sure that your Will and your Partnership or Shareholders’ agreements align together to avoid any potential conflicts in the future.

For additional protection, a Business Power of Attorney document can appoint a named, trusted person to manage the affairs of your business if you are unable to do so – perhaps due to mental or physical health conditions, or simply because it becomes no longer practical for you to manage your business yourself. I can advise you of the best options for this and assist with putting a Business Power of Attorney document in place to provide that extra level of security for you and your business.