Estate Administration and Probate

Estate Administration and Probate can be a challenging and overwhelming task in a time of great sadness and grief. My role is to support you wherever you need it most.

Celtic Law’s Estate Administration and Probate service is entirely tailored to you, depending on what you feel comfortable dealing with yourself and where you feel you want my support. The process outlining my role in the Estate Administration or Probate is governed first and foremost by your needs.

What is Estate Administration?

Celtic Law’s approach to Estate Administration & Probate

My role in helping to administer your loved ones’ estate is tailored to support your requirements, wishes and elements that you feel comfortable dealing with yourself. I will help you identify the tasks ahead, and from there, we will work together to administer the estate in the way that works best for you.

If you feel able, we will arrange an initial meeting at either the Celtic Law offices in Mold or at your home so that we can discuss what needs to be done, including whether a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration (which are required if your loved one died without a valid Will in place) need to be obtained.  We will be able to go through any paperwork that you have managed to gather so far.

If your loved one had a Will in place, we will read this together and make sure we identify who the Executors of the Will are that will be responsible for dealing with the assets in the estate. Executors may also be referred to as personal representatives or trustees in a Will.

Following this, we will make a list of the assets belonging to your loved one and I will help you decide what the next steps are in relation to those assets. Our meeting will give you opportunity to ask questions you may have about the Estate Administration process or applying for Probate or Letters of Administration.

Once we have reviewed everything, we will discuss how best I can support you with any required paperwork or tasks to enable making the Estate Administration as smooth as possible, including eventually being able to distribute your loved ones’ assets to their beneficiaries.


It is important that you are comfortable with choosing me as a solicitor to help you with the administration of your loved one’s estate, and so our first meeting is provided on a no-obligation basis. Following our meeting, I will also outline to you the likely costs of my services, giving you peace of mind for the next steps.

Although all Estate Administration costs will naturally vary according to each client’s requirements, for an indication of costs please visit my Guide to Estate Administration & Probate Costs from Celtic Law.